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Smart Parking Suite

Our solution is an IOT based Smart Parking application which works with and without sensors simultaneously. This application provides different web and mobile apps for various users in the Smart Parking ecosystem. It has features to find available parking lots, parking payments, parking expiry & summon notifications, effective enforcement, parking management by city council, statistics, etc.

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E-Bidding Suite

This application is for Road Transport Authority (RTA) and Ministry of Transport (MOT) to manage or outsource eBidding process for Registration Numbers. This application is an end to end ebidding application for any RTA with minimal customization required to integrate with RTA of any country. This application is developed on top of our Elite Auction Engine Platform and E-Wallet.

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Our Ongoing Development

Product #1

Elite Integration Suite (EIS)

Product Description

The Elite Integration Suite (EIS) is built on top of Elite ESB product. It is made of Integration Framework, Client APIs, Messaging components and Web Services that enables connection between disparate systems in an enterprise environment. This is an end-to-end Integration platform for SOA applications, SaaS integration for cloud architecture and APIs. The EIS suite provides the freedom and tools to connect what you want, when you want, whether it is on-premises or on the cloud.

Product #2

Elite e-Governance Suite (EGS)

Product Description

The Elite e-Governance Suite (EGS) suite can be used to build very complex end-to-end e-Governance solutions within a shorter time period. The suite can effectively be used for building and faster rollout of e-Governance services related to government organizations.

Product #3

Elite Facilities Management Suite (EFMS)

Product Description

The Elite Facilities Management Suite (EFMS) is a highly scalable SOA based software suite, equipped with all the essential tools for maintaining and managing a wide range of Facilities. The EFMS suite is built on top of the Elite's flagship product; the Elite Integration Suite. This enables the EFMS suite to be easily extended into other existing Facilities Management software; both commercial and custom built, with a very short 'time to market' application release.